Invest in real estate
just like in stocks

Buy shares of rental properties from your phone.
Invest your two cents and earn money from rent and appreciation.

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Jackie invested her first $83 in real estate on the RESE app.


Real estate investing made simple and accessible

Traditional real estate is for the investment elite: expensive, illiquid, time-consuming. RESE lets you buy and sell shares of income-producing real estate assets with as little as $50 at a time. You earn money from rent and appreciation without having to worry about paperwork, maintenance, or tenants.


Find investment opportunities you like. You are the architect of your personalized real estate portfolio.


Buy as many shares as you want, starting with as little as $50 per property.


Monitor the properties in your portfolio. Check on the current property values. Cash in on rent.


Trade your shares with other investors on the RESE marketplace.


Properties comming soon on the RESE marketplace.

4 Oakland St

Boston, MA 02130

2500 Longview St #220

Austin, TX 78705

150 E 61st St Unit 6A

New York, NY 10065

502 Ninth Ave Unit 2B

New York, NY 10018

1201 S Prairie Ave #3506

Chicago, IL 60605

5852 Saloma Ave

Van Nuys, CA 91411

“This is such a great idea and allows so many more people to have access to real estate at the rates they want to spend. I'm in.”

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We are excited to revolutionize the archaic field of real estate investments.

Florian Berlinger


Harvard PhD in Computer Science with a concentration in Collective Intelligence. Has led a large team in creating semi-autonomous inspection tools for the shipping industry.

Bukky Boyd

Head of Marketing

Graduate of Cornell School of Hotel Administration with over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, specifically in operations.

Matheus Fernandes


Harvard PhD in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Data Science and Machine Learning. Has spearheaded real estate transactions in many US states.

Prof. Archie Jones


Harvard Business School Faculity in Business Administration, Entrepeneurial Management, and Finance. Archie has spent his career leading and maximizing the impact of high-growth, innovative enterprises.

Invest in real estate just like in stocks